I’ve never been one who has liked my body. I often shower in the dark, turn away from mirrors, don’t like having my picture taken. 

One of my bigger issues has always been my weight. I’m a short girl and any sort of weight on me just shows so much and I hate it. I always wear baggy clothes to try and hide anything that may show. I’m trying to learn to love myself, but it’s hard. Years of hating the way you look, it’s difficult to change that state of mind.

One of the things I fear the most is swimming. The thought of displaying my body in such little clothing infront of dozens of other people out in public….I can’t. 

But, alas, my boyfriend has convinced me to try something new, and I officially bought my first two piece bathing suit. It’s a small step, and who knows how long it’ll take to wear it out in public.

But I think this is a small improvement. 

Thank you


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