Safe Space


My therapist made me create a safe space in my mind. A place where I felt the most at peace and content and relaxed. Immediately I thought back to my trip to Ireland last summer, and when we were to these mini cliffs that overlooked the ocean.

The weather this day was perfect for me, cool, cloudy, windy. I’ve never experienced something so beautiful and peaceful, yet also terrifying. The sound of the waves and the plunge down the cliffs to the ocean created a sense of fear within me, but the site before me was also so beautiful.

I think back to this place a lot when I’m feeling depressed or empty, the fear brings me back to reality but the scenery helps me stay calm.

I highly recommend everyone suffering with anxious thoughts to create a safe space for themselves whenever they get lost in negative thoughts or anxious feelings. It’s really made a difference in my day to day life.

Thank you.


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