Early mornings

If there’s something I can never get tired of, it’s sunrises. As someone who works at 6am, early mornings are something I’ve come to appreciate.

To me it’s my most calm state, first thing in the morning, getting ready, looking out my window and seeing Mother Nature at her best. There’s so much beauty in the sky when the world wakes up, something not many people get to see.

One of my favourite things to do is drive out to the airport near my house, park on the side of the road, and have a full landscape shot of the start of the day. At those moments, I collect myself. I think about what I’ve been feeling lately, why I’ve been feeling it, and what I should do about these feelings. Thoughts that would usually upset me no longer affect me as I gaze at the sunrise. It’s a time for me to ground myself, another hing my therapist tells me to do. To stay in the now and not get lost in my head. A time for meditation. 

Nothing can compare to the beauty of our sky in my opinion, and nothing can compare to the calming site of a sunrise. 
Thank you all.


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